KISS for company website UI

Keep it stupid simple (KISS) has proven to be very true in our experiments. When we launched our website more than one year ago we thought it was clever to add things like:

Our point of view as changed because of the feedback we got. During the first weeks we got good feedback from family and friends. Things seemed to be OK.

The single most painful point for users during the first months was the slowness of the website. Since July and the move to Ruby on Rails it's really fast. This criticism disappeared overnight. That's when we started to hear more loudly other criticisms.

Feedback from visitors and clients include:

Ouch! This is harsh but it's real feedback, heard again and again over a few months. Time to change things!

We changed things to be back to the KISS principle. Home page is better with a clear top message and a clear call to action. Plans & pricing are better formated. We are moving away from the hand-drawn font. This changes are efficient. Our conversion rate from visitors to members is up, the effect is significant.

Soon we will change the logo. It will be something much simpler, much easier to grasp on first sight.

It's amazing how a different presentation of the same great content can impact the conversion rates. KISS, don't try to be too much clever.