Learning Software as a Service (SaaS): a great experience with edX

If you are working on an online service here is an opportunity to work more efficiently.

edX is a fantastic online platform to get access to lessons from the best universities in the US. Berkeley offers very interesting SaaS courses (Berkeley CS169.1x and CS169.2x).

About SaaS courses:

Even though I had previously started my SaaS application I learned a lot of things I wish I had known before. I bet everyone interested in SaaS will learn many things just by viewing the videos.

You can check the open courses here. You may register for the next run. If you aren't interested in the online course but are interested to learn more about SaaS there is also the book from the teachers: get it here.

Commercial aspects are not developed. They won't tell you what service to build, the clients or the selling price.