BeagleBone Black with Ruby and an OLED screen

I wanted to have something to check my website availability. I use the BeagleBone Black for that. I add an OLED screen to display the results in real time. Here is the result:

The BeagleBone Black has the standard Angstrom Linux OS.

The OLED is great. It's black and white, 128x64 pixels. You can communicate with SPI or I2C (I chose to do SPI with basic BeagleBone Black outputs). It's available at Adafruit (here). I've just soldered it to a board so I can easily remove it if needed. The screen is tiny however you can read the characters easily even in daylight.

I had to compile Ruby on the BeagleBone Black. The last version (2.0.0) works well.

The Ruby code is available on Github. It includes a Class to use BeagleBone Black GPIO with Ruby. Another Class will help you deal with the OLED screen. Then I use these 2 classes to display the result of curl requests.

Next step with my BeagleBone Black: install Go.