Spend more money to invest in yourself

I spend as much money as I can. However I'm not a compulsive buyer. It's just that I prefer to invest money and get rewards later. I feel it's totally OK to spend money with a purpose in mind. Now I propose you to spend more money to invest in your future self. Accept to spend more money to get more from life.

What items to buy?

Invest in good food for your health. Invest in good books to learn things. Invest in good furniture to feel at home. Invest in good movies, music, softwares. Or even clothes, pens...

When something is necessary, don’t overthink. Buy it and use it. When you buy an object remember better quality is cheaper on the long run. Buy useful tools that will last.

Be careful to buy only what you will use. When you know you bought something you won't use, find someone who will make good use of it. Give it to him.

Buy immaterial things

Maybe the most interesting way to spend money is to buy immaterial things, to gain experiences. Spend money to do things with other people. Travel, go to the city/countryside, have a dinner in a restaurant... This will build you good memories. Spend money to get more free time. For instance by paying someone to do your chores. Spend money to learn languages. Find people who can teach you, coaches, university, students…

Is it interesting to get in debt?

Sometimes yes it's interesting to get in debt. If you are broke you need something to start. Or if you want to expand your company faster. If you are confident this is a good move just do it. If you have doubts avoid it.

Long term vision

Find what you want to be. What are your goals in life? Find the best ways to spend your money towards your goals.

Money is just a tool! Spend money to create a better tomorrow, for you and for others.